Crikey, Mate!

Want to know the single thing I feared most about coming to Australia?  The bugs.  The BIG bugs.  You know, like the giant spiders the size of a frisbee.  Lucky for me though, Sydney is too much of a big city for me to encounter any of these horrific giant bugs that are displayed all over Buzzfeed and Animal Planet.  Until recently…  I saw a spider the size of my entire foot (small by Luke’s standards…?!) scrambling across the sidewalk the other night.  And last night, I encountered two cockroaches in Luke’s apartment – one that scrambled right past me when I was sitting on the floor, and the other raced by me on the kitchen counter.  I was faced with pure horror, to say the least.  However, I did manage to kill the kitchen cockroach with a shoe in my hand – he was a quick one, but not quick enough 😉  I’m learning the Aussie ways I guess…

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