Hop in the Back of the Ute!

Well, it has finally begun ladies and gents: Luke and I are on our road trip/camping journey up to Noosa!  So far we are only on day two of the Australian adventures, but both of these days have felt like a dream – they’ve been pure magic!  I would rave on and on, but the beauty of what we have experienced is simply indescribable.  So I reckoned I’d just throw up some pics instead (yet even they can’t capture the sheer awe of our journey)… First day?  Smokey Cape Lighthouse then Horseshoe Bay: Yes, that’s a wild baby kangaroo!! 🙂 … Continue reading Hop in the Back of the Ute!

Camping Prelude

With less than three weeks left until our camping/road trip up to Noosa, Luke and I decided to test out our camping setup with a little weekend getaway to Coledale Beach Camping Reserve (it’s about an hour and a half South of Sydney).  The results?  Best.  Idea.  Ever.  Luke had his ute equipped with a canopy, a pull-out awning, a blow up mattress, and even fairy lights – we were camping in style, to say the least.  And our view?  We were literally RIGHT on the beach.  And there’s nothing better than falling asleep to and waking up to the … Continue reading Camping Prelude

Gardens of Alexandria

Being the basic b*tch I am, it’s no surprise that I was in basic b*tch heaven when I went to the Gardens of Alexandria.  Brick walls, succulents galore, dreamworthy gardens, beautiful fountains, delicious coffees, wooden tables, Instagram photo worthy food, organic vibes – it’s every basic b*tch’s dream!  I snagged a few pics of course 😉 My photos don’t do it justice, but it’s definitely worth checking out! Continue reading Gardens of Alexandria

Aussie Slang Part 2

As if my first list of Aussie words and phrases wasn’t already extensive enough…  But I’ve managed to learn even more Aussie slang since I’ve been down under – and I’m here to share it with all of you 😛 Bottle-O = liquor store Capsicun = bell pepper Not bad = good Pokies = slot machines Shandy = beer mixed with Sprite Lemonade = Sprite Off their head = they’re effed up  Togs = swimwear Whinge = wine Schooner = a 425 mL (15 fl oz) glass of beer (it’s the standard Aussie beer glass size – and it’s only 3/4 the size … Continue reading Aussie Slang Part 2


What is “home”?  It’s a word that so often comes out of my mouth, but lately it has gotten me thinking. Is home for me my apartment in Sydney?  Because that’s where the majority of my belongings are.  Is home for me Luke’s place?  Because that’s where I spend most of my nights.  Is home for me San Diego, CA?  Because that’s the place I’ve spent my adulthood and it’s the place I’m moving back to.  Or is home for me Seattle, WA?  Because that’s where I grew up.  Is home for me America?  Because that’s my country of origin. … Continue reading Home