Summer in Sydney

The summertime in Sydney is nothing less than amazing – beautiful weather, beautiful beaches, beautiful people – what more could you want?  And my beach bum self is thorougly enjoying getting my Aussie glow on at the beach nearly everyday!  (Although, I must admit, it is always pretty crowded over in Bondi…) What’s not to love?  ***Fun fact: there’s actually a hole in the ozone layer above Australia. Aka strong UV rays -> fast tan (but high rates of skin cancer…) Continue reading Summer in Sydney

Random Things You Should Know

Although America and Australia are pretty similar for the most part, there are definitely still some differences between the two countries.  So, here’s a little list of random things that they do in Australia that they don’t do in America (aka stuff that has thrown me off since I’ve gotten here and that other Americans should take note of if they so decide to come down under): Tables in restaurants are really close together.  Say goodbye to personal space! They have grocery stores inside of the malls… Weird, right? Everyone is required to vote in the elections.  If you don’t, … Continue reading Random Things You Should Know

Sunday Adventures are Back!

Ever since the week I met Luke, we have made sure to go on new adventures every Sunday around Sydney- Sundays are our adventure days together!  Unfortunately, there was a little lack in Sunday adventures what with Luke moving house and me bartending on weekends…  But have no fear, Sunday adventures are back in action! Here’s a pic from Bald Hill Lookout (we stumbled upon it on our way to Wollongong): Here’s a few pics from our detour to Nan Tien Temple (which was AMAZING! – So many good vibes there…): Another pic watching the sunset at the North end … Continue reading Sunday Adventures are Back!

I’m On a Boat

This past weekend, two of Luke’s good mates had their birthdays – and lucky for me, they decided to rent out a large boat (a “yacht” in American terms) for 140 people (including myself) to come party on (it also came fully equipped with a bar).  So, I can now officially check “go boating in the Sydney Harbour” off of my bucket list 😉  My recommendation?  DEFINITELY do it.  It’s scenic af.  Although, I guess you’re not supposed to go swimming off of the boats because apparently there are sharks in the harbour…  Good thing I didn’t fall in! P.S.  For … Continue reading I’m On a Boat

Crikey, Mate!

Want to know the single thing I feared most about coming to Australia?  The bugs.  The BIG bugs.  You know, like the giant spiders the size of a frisbee.  Lucky for me though, Sydney is too much of a big city for me to encounter any of these horrific giant bugs that are displayed all over Buzzfeed and Animal Planet.  Until recently…  I saw a spider the size of my entire foot (small by Luke’s standards…?!) scrambling across the sidewalk the other night.  And last night, I encountered two cockroaches in Luke’s apartment – one that scrambled right past me … Continue reading Crikey, Mate!

Life Without Dillon

It has now officially been 24 hours since Dillon left Sydney to head back to Texas… How am I taking losing my best friend in Australia leaving me?  Well, I’m actually handling it surprisingly well!  Dillon and I have had a multitude of adventures and countless fun times in the last four months, but it was definitely his time to go (especially with all of his boy misfortunes…).  He is – and always will be – a Texas boy at heart!  And I can’t wait until I’m back in San Diego so he can come visit me there 🙂 So … Continue reading Life Without Dillon

Pour Up, Drank

Okay, remember back when I first got to Australia and I said Aussies go really hard in terms of drinking?  Well, after living here for three months and working as a bartender for several of weeks, I want to revise that previous statement.  Aussies don’t necessarily go harder than Americans, they can just drink for longer periods of time.  Which actually makes sense: Americans drink faster and larger portions than Aussies, so it’s no wonder we can’t go all night – we max out too fast.  I cannot tell you the number of times an Aussie has commented on how … Continue reading Pour Up, Drank