Life Without Dillon

It has now officially been 24 hours since Dillon left Sydney to head back to Texas…

How am I taking losing my best friend in Australia leaving me?  Well, I’m actually handling it surprisingly well!  Dillon and I have had a multitude of adventures and countless fun times in the last four months, but it was definitely his time to go (especially with all of his boy misfortunes…).  He is – and always will be – a Texas boy at heart!  And I can’t wait until I’m back in San Diego so he can come visit me there 🙂

So what’s going to happen with me the next two months?  Well, lucky for me, I have Luke and a bartending job in Bondi to occupy my time!  Plus, I have my two SDSU rugby friends that are also out here on exchange to replace my Dillon time with (and my new coworkers 😉 ).

P.S. My friend Taylor from Washington and his girlfriend Taylor are out here in Sydney for a couple of days!  Aka last night was the first time in four months that I got to see people I know from the States 😛

P.S.S.  Less than six weeks before Luke and I head up to Noosa! 🙂

P.S.S.S.  I found out this morning that my best friend Bre is moving to Sydney the day I get back from Noosa!  So, I get to spend my last 10 days down under with my best friend (and now I have even more reason to come back to Australia and visit) 😉

P.S.S.S.S.  Right before Dillon left, we managed to go to both the Shangri-La Hotel and the O Bar!  Can cross those off the bucket list now 😛

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