Sculpture by the Sea

So today, Dillon and I decided to be the little tourists we are and go see Sculpture by the Sea (a sculpture exhibition along the Tamarama Beach to Bondi Beach Coastal Walk that’s only up for a couple of weeks).  My recommendation?  Don’t go.  The sculptures were pretty cool, don’t get me wrong, but it was like we were at a seniors’ conventions.  An overly crowded seniors’ conventions where everyone walks at 0mph…  On the bright side, we got a couple of good pics of the sculptures (and can now say we went)! Continue reading Sculpture by the Sea

All You Need is Love

Want to know the single most important thing that I have learned living in a different country? How many people in my life truly care about and love me. It’s one thing to have friends that are always there for you when you live near them, another to have friends that are always there for you even when you’re living in another state, and another thing altogether to have friends that are always there for even when you’re living in a different country.  Trying to communicate with people who have such a large time difference can be hard, and the … Continue reading All You Need is Love

Dillon Update #100

I know everyone is dying to know what Dillon is up to (0r not), so I’m going to tell you: Dillon is still single and has had absolutely no luck with the gays in Sydney.  They are awful (so he says).  We had a glimpse of hope for a brief moment, but turns out everyone wants the perks of being in a relationship without the commitment.  In conclusion, Dillon’s love life sucks.  He now spends all of his free time doing “homework” – aka watching Netflix…  He has also taken himself off of the Sydney market.  But it’s okay, he returns … Continue reading Dillon Update #100

The Halfway Mark

Well hello there!  Did ya miss me?  I know I’ve been a little MIA this past month, but seeing as though I’ve now reached my halfway point of being in Australia (3 months down, 3 to go), I thought it seemed suiting to make a new blog post.  I’ve been trying to come up with some culture shock to share with all of you, but alas – no such luck!  I’m culturally immersed!  (SDSU would be so proud…)  Nothing down under comes to a surprise to me anymore – not that that’s a bad thing, it’s nice to feel like Sydney … Continue reading The Halfway Mark