Role Reversal

After spending 6 months in the land of Aus surrounded by a sea of Aussies, the tables have finally turned: Luke (my Aussie lover) came to the States!  The romance tale of Aussie Luke and American Megan (although worlds apart for 4 months) continues – lucky for all you readers 😉  And boy oh boy, what a three week adventure it was for him in the States.  Aside from blowing all his money in Vegas and being constantly perplexed by the outlandish way we tip as Americans, he did get quite the lil taste of the SoCal lifestyle 😉  Although, … Continue reading Role Reversal

The End…

It breaks my heart that my adventure down under has come to a close, and that I have to say goodbye to the place that I’ve been calling “home” for the last sixth months…  Words will never be able to truly describe how amazing my time in Australia has been; these past months have easily been some of the best months of my life – I was living the dream!  And I can honestly say that one of the best decisions I have ever made in life was deciding to move to Australia.  So what am I going to miss … Continue reading The End…

Passing the Baton 

The saying goes “when one door closes, another door opens” – and boy does it!  With only a week left in Australia for me, my best friend Bre decides to move here for the year!  Just in time for me to show her around – and for me to relive some touristy adventures ;).  Plus, it gives me all the more reason to come back and visit 😛 Took her to see the Opera House and the  Syndey Harbour Bridge (plus to have a drink at the Opera Bar of course): ​ ​ Took her all around Manly and North … Continue reading Passing the Baton 

Living the Dream

I’m living the dream down under, it’s as simple as that 🙂 Here’s some more pics from our road trip adventure: Shelly Beach in Nambucca: Byron Bay: Coolum Beach: Rainbow Beach (aka the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen – when I die, I want my ashes sprinkled here): Noosa: The Gold Coast: Some random beach in NSW: Australia is a truly beautiful country, and I am so blessed that I got to see so much of its beauty ❤ Oh!  And Luke and I got matching tattoos 🙂  Continue reading Living the Dream

Hop in the Back of the Ute!

Well, it has finally begun ladies and gents: Luke and I are on our road trip/camping journey up to Noosa!  So far we are only on day two of the Australian adventures, but both of these days have felt like a dream – they’ve been pure magic!  I would rave on and on, but the beauty of what we have experienced is simply indescribable.  So I reckoned I’d just throw up some pics instead (yet even they can’t capture the sheer awe of our journey)… First day?  Smokey Cape Lighthouse then Horseshoe Bay: Yes, that’s a wild baby kangaroo!! 🙂 … Continue reading Hop in the Back of the Ute!

Camping Prelude

With less than three weeks left until our camping/road trip up to Noosa, Luke and I decided to test out our camping setup with a little weekend getaway to Coledale Beach Camping Reserve (it’s about an hour and a half South of Sydney).  The results?  Best.  Idea.  Ever.  Luke had his ute equipped with a canopy, a pull-out awning, a blow up mattress, and even fairy lights – we were camping in style, to say the least.  And our view?  We were literally RIGHT on the beach.  And there’s nothing better than falling asleep to and waking up to the … Continue reading Camping Prelude

Gardens of Alexandria

Being the basic b*tch I am, it’s no surprise that I was in basic b*tch heaven when I went to the Gardens of Alexandria.  Brick walls, succulents galore, dreamworthy gardens, beautiful fountains, delicious coffees, wooden tables, Instagram photo worthy food, organic vibes – it’s every basic b*tch’s dream!  I snagged a few pics of course 😉 My photos don’t do it justice, but it’s definitely worth checking out! Continue reading Gardens of Alexandria

Aussie Slang Part 2

As if my first list of Aussie words and phrases wasn’t already extensive enough…  But I’ve managed to learn even more Aussie slang since I’ve been down under – and I’m here to share it with all of you 😛 Bottle-O = liquor store Capsicun = bell pepper Not bad = good Pokies = slot machines Shandy = beer mixed with Sprite Lemonade = Sprite Off their head = they’re effed up  Togs = swimwear Whinge = wine Schooner = a 425 mL (15 fl oz) glass of beer (it’s the standard Aussie beer glass size – and it’s only 3/4 the size … Continue reading Aussie Slang Part 2


What is “home”?  It’s a word that so often comes out of my mouth, but lately it has gotten me thinking. Is home for me my apartment in Sydney?  Because that’s where the majority of my belongings are.  Is home for me Luke’s place?  Because that’s where I spend most of my nights.  Is home for me San Diego, CA?  Because that’s the place I’ve spent my adulthood and it’s the place I’m moving back to.  Or is home for me Seattle, WA?  Because that’s where I grew up.  Is home for me America?  Because that’s my country of origin. … Continue reading Home

Summer in Sydney

The summertime in Sydney is nothing less than amazing – beautiful weather, beautiful beaches, beautiful people – what more could you want?  And my beach bum self is thorougly enjoying getting my Aussie glow on at the beach nearly everyday!  (Although, I must admit, it is always pretty crowded over in Bondi…) What’s not to love?  ***Fun fact: there’s actually a hole in the ozone layer above Australia. Aka strong UV rays -> fast tan (but high rates of skin cancer…) Continue reading Summer in Sydney

Random Things You Should Know

Although America and Australia are pretty similar for the most part, there are definitely still some differences between the two countries.  So, here’s a little list of random things that they do in Australia that they don’t do in America (aka stuff that has thrown me off since I’ve gotten here and that other Americans should take note of if they so decide to come down under): Tables in restaurants are really close together.  Say goodbye to personal space! They have grocery stores inside of the malls… Weird, right? Everyone is required to vote in the elections.  If you don’t, … Continue reading Random Things You Should Know

Sunday Adventures are Back!

Ever since the week I met Luke, we have made sure to go on new adventures every Sunday around Sydney- Sundays are our adventure days together!  Unfortunately, there was a little lack in Sunday adventures what with Luke moving house and me bartending on weekends…  But have no fear, Sunday adventures are back in action! Here’s a pic from Bald Hill Lookout (we stumbled upon it on our way to Wollongong): Here’s a few pics from our detour to Nan Tien Temple (which was AMAZING! – So many good vibes there…): Another pic watching the sunset at the North end … Continue reading Sunday Adventures are Back!

I’m On a Boat

This past weekend, two of Luke’s good mates had their birthdays – and lucky for me, they decided to rent out a large boat (a “yacht” in American terms) for 140 people (including myself) to come party on (it also came fully equipped with a bar).  So, I can now officially check “go boating in the Sydney Harbour” off of my bucket list 😉  My recommendation?  DEFINITELY do it.  It’s scenic af.  Although, I guess you’re not supposed to go swimming off of the boats because apparently there are sharks in the harbour…  Good thing I didn’t fall in! P.S.  For … Continue reading I’m On a Boat

Crikey, Mate!

Want to know the single thing I feared most about coming to Australia?  The bugs.  The BIG bugs.  You know, like the giant spiders the size of a frisbee.  Lucky for me though, Sydney is too much of a big city for me to encounter any of these horrific giant bugs that are displayed all over Buzzfeed and Animal Planet.  Until recently…  I saw a spider the size of my entire foot (small by Luke’s standards…?!) scrambling across the sidewalk the other night.  And last night, I encountered two cockroaches in Luke’s apartment – one that scrambled right past me … Continue reading Crikey, Mate!

Life Without Dillon

It has now officially been 24 hours since Dillon left Sydney to head back to Texas… How am I taking losing my best friend in Australia leaving me?  Well, I’m actually handling it surprisingly well!  Dillon and I have had a multitude of adventures and countless fun times in the last four months, but it was definitely his time to go (especially with all of his boy misfortunes…).  He is – and always will be – a Texas boy at heart!  And I can’t wait until I’m back in San Diego so he can come visit me there 🙂 So … Continue reading Life Without Dillon

Pour Up, Drank

Okay, remember back when I first got to Australia and I said Aussies go really hard in terms of drinking?  Well, after living here for three months and working as a bartender for several of weeks, I want to revise that previous statement.  Aussies don’t necessarily go harder than Americans, they can just drink for longer periods of time.  Which actually makes sense: Americans drink faster and larger portions than Aussies, so it’s no wonder we can’t go all night – we max out too fast.  I cannot tell you the number of times an Aussie has commented on how … Continue reading Pour Up, Drank

Sculpture by the Sea

So today, Dillon and I decided to be the little tourists we are and go see Sculpture by the Sea (a sculpture exhibition along the Tamarama Beach to Bondi Beach Coastal Walk that’s only up for a couple of weeks).  My recommendation?  Don’t go.  The sculptures were pretty cool, don’t get me wrong, but it was like we were at a seniors’ conventions.  An overly crowded seniors’ conventions where everyone walks at 0mph…  On the bright side, we got a couple of good pics of the sculptures (and can now say we went)! Continue reading Sculpture by the Sea

All You Need is Love

Want to know the single most important thing that I have learned living in a different country? How many people in my life truly care about and love me. It’s one thing to have friends that are always there for you when you live near them, another to have friends that are always there for you even when you’re living in another state, and another thing altogether to have friends that are always there for even when you’re living in a different country.  Trying to communicate with people who have such a large time difference can be hard, and the … Continue reading All You Need is Love

Dillon Update #100

I know everyone is dying to know what Dillon is up to (0r not), so I’m going to tell you: Dillon is still single and has had absolutely no luck with the gays in Sydney.  They are awful (so he says).  We had a glimpse of hope for a brief moment, but turns out everyone wants the perks of being in a relationship without the commitment.  In conclusion, Dillon’s love life sucks.  He now spends all of his free time doing “homework” – aka watching Netflix…  He has also taken himself off of the Sydney market.  But it’s okay, he returns … Continue reading Dillon Update #100

The Halfway Mark

Well hello there!  Did ya miss me?  I know I’ve been a little MIA this past month, but seeing as though I’ve now reached my halfway point of being in Australia (3 months down, 3 to go), I thought it seemed suiting to make a new blog post.  I’ve been trying to come up with some culture shock to share with all of you, but alas – no such luck!  I’m culturally immersed!  (SDSU would be so proud…)  Nothing down under comes to a surprise to me anymore – not that that’s a bad thing, it’s nice to feel like Sydney … Continue reading The Halfway Mark

The Unthinkable

Soooo the unthinkable just happened: Dillon and I took a little break from each other…  Well, actually  I took a break from him.  Shocker.  Yes, I know.  Let’s just say our trip to the Gold Coast led to him turning into my overly sassy housewife…  Don’t worry though, after only five days of us being apart (although it seemed like forever) Dillon and I reunited over a good ol’ glass of wine.  The universe is back in order 🙂 ***Side note: In just one week, Luke is moving into a new place over in North Bondi!  Aka I will be spending … Continue reading The Unthinkable

Spraaang Break!

So, I guess that’s just an American saying…?  Australians just refer to “spring break” as “StuVac” – aka student vacation.  I guess “spring break” to Aussies means “American college kids partying way too hard and getting super wasted in like Miami or Cancun or something”.  Either way, it’s StuVac week in Sydney, so Dillon and I decided to adventure up to Queensland and visit the Gold Coast for the week. “So, what have we done here so far?” one may ask. Well, my fellow readers… nothing.  We have spent the last five days laying on the couch, watching movies, eating, … Continue reading Spraaang Break!

Mile High

In the sky.  And the Australian domestic airlines is how we fly 😛  Being as though Dillon and I are American and not native to Australian domestic travel, we chose to bring our passports and licenses for identification.  Plot twist: no one checked either.  Yep.  We just printed our boarding passes, dropped off our bags and walked straight through security with shoes and jackets on – without flashing security either form of ID.  TSA back in the States would have a field day if they heard about this!  I guess that’s why no one was stressed out at the airport… … Continue reading Mile High

Slapped in the Face

By reality.  The reality that Dillon has completed half of his time here in Australia (he’s only here for 4 months).  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITHOUT HIM!?  Like who else am I supposed to hang out with all day every day?  Watch Netflix with?  Explore Sydney with?  Eat with?  Who?!  Yep.  Just had a baby panic attack. (Luke is at work all day btw, so that’s out of the question).  It’s crazy to think that we are already halfway through our semester, too…  Spring break is already just next week!  (Dillon and I are going to the Gold … Continue reading Slapped in the Face


After being surrounded by non-Americans for more than a month now, Dillon and I have learned about many of the stereotypes that other countries have regarding Americans…  And we also learned that we conform to almost all of them!  Here are just a few examples: Americans are fat Americans all have guns Americans have a lot of credit cards Americans party hard (especially at college) Americans are ignorant and dumb Americans are materialistic Americans are loud and obnoxious Americans are wasteful Americans don’t travel and lack worldliness (and are awful at geography) Americans are super patriotic (‘MERICA!) Tough crowd, am I … Continue reading Stereotypical

I’m Addicted

To the gluten free bread here.  With Nutella on top.  I’m serious though – I can’t stop eating it!  That, and I can’t stop drinking soy dirty chai lattes.  I swear to God that there’s a cute little cafe on EVERY corner in Sydney… And I can never resist stopping in for a little pick-me-up.  Especially because the coffee here is SOOO good.  Like a million times better than Starbucks and any other coffee place you would find back in the States.  But the coffee sizes are WAY smaller here in Australia.  Fun fact though: Australians use a few different … Continue reading I’m Addicted


Don’t get me wrong, I am having the time of my LIFE out here in Australia, but I’ve finally had some nostalgia from home start to kick in.  Mostly because I miss my friends and family.  It hasn’t really sunk in until now because I’ve been so busy having fun and spending time with Dillon and Luke, but after sitting in a chair for three hours messaging friends while I got my hair done, the nostalgia began to sink in.  Not going to lie, it was mostly because I missed my hair stylist back home who always does my hair … Continue reading Nostalgia 

Dillon’s Intervention

So Dillon has a problem.  A HUGE problem.  BOYS.  And lots of them.  More than I can count on my fingers to be exact.  Dillon has gone on more dates in this past month than some people I know have in their lives.  After this weekend, it was decided that sweet, little Dillon needed an intervention.  Why?  Well, let me tell you.  Though there have been many instances where Dillon has come into situations that didn’t end too well, this Sunday was the icing on the cake of bad occurrences.  It all began so innocently on Sunday morning when Dillon met a … Continue reading Dillon’s Intervention

And on the Fourth Week, I Died…

Okay I didn’t die, but I did go to the hospital…  Plus the doctor’s office five times.  Yep.  Good thing I got overseas health coverage before I got here!  I haven’t even been in Australia a month yet and I’ve already managed to go to the ER and get surgery.  Why?  Well, that’s a little too personal for the internet.  Although I must say, for having to go to the hospital in a different country all by myself, I did handle the situation pretty well.  I didn’t freak out or lose my cool once!  Anyways, moral of the story though: Australia … Continue reading And on the Fourth Week, I Died…

Sunset Searching

My whole life, I’ve been able to watch the sun set over the ocean (I grew up on the West Coast).  But now that I’m in Sydney, I no longer get to see this lovely phenomenon (East Coast problems *rolls eyes*).  Fortunately enough for me though,  I can still watch the sunset in some pretty dope places here.  Saturday it was over Sydney Harbour, and Sunday it was in Palm Beach (the place where they film the show “Home and Away” – I guess that’s a big deal around here or something).  So here are a couple of pictures from the … Continue reading Sunset Searching

Wait… I Go To School?

I honestly keep forgetting that I came to Australia for school…  But don’t tell my parents that!  I mean there’s just so much going on in Sydney all the time… SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED!  It’s been less than a month since I moved here and it honestly feels as though it’s been a lifetime.  I mean, did my life even exist before I came down under? Anyways, university started last Monday.  And let me tell you: it’s way different here than in the States.  I think it’s due to the overarching fact that every Aussie actually cares about going to class and … Continue reading Wait… I Go To School?

Chasing Waterfalls Pt 2

Sydney Opera House?  Check.  Sydney Harbour Bridge?  Check.  Koalas?  Check.  Kangaroos?  Check.  Blue Mountains?  Check again.  I’ve been crossing things off left and right from the tourist’s guide of things to see/do in Australia.  So this Sunday, I had the pleasure of hiking around the Valley of the Waters in the Blue Mountains.  This never-ending valley of gorgeous waterfalls has water so clean that you can drink it (and we did).  And let me tell you: pictures do not do this place justice…  I guess you all will just have to come out to Australia so you can see them with … Continue reading Chasing Waterfalls Pt 2

I’m Employed!

Yep, you read that right.  3 weeks in and I already have a job.  “Where?” you may ask.  Well everyone, it’s at a hospitality agency that specializes in event staffing.  And I start next week!  I walked into the interview and got hired on the spot – I guess all of those years of waitressing came in real handy!  Plus, the agency wants me to be one of the girls that works in the corporate box suites at events 😉  Yes please, come to mama. *** Special shoutout to my dad who is probably as happy as a clam as … Continue reading I’m Employed!

Seperation Anxiety

Dillon and I went through extreme withdrawals from each other this weekend 😥 We have spent nearly every waking second together since arriving to Aus, but this weekend we barely saw each other at all…  It obviously took a toll on both of us.  Although we both managed to still have lots of fun! 🙂 So this blog post will have to tell two separate stories: Megan: Remember Guy #1 and Guy #2?  Spoiler alert: Guy #2’s name is actually Luke.  Another spoiler: I continued hanging out with him for the rest of the weekend.  Alright, so everyone already knows that on … Continue reading Seperation Anxiety

Aussie Slang

I can’t help but smile every time an Aussie opens their mouth because I am just completely obsessed with the way they speak.  I think that they could straight up just cuss me out and I would still like it 🙂  Anyways, I didn’t realize how much slang they had!  It’s like learning a whole new language down here.  So I’m here to teach you a few words and phrases I have learned thus far: Uni = university Feed = food/meal Keen = eager for/interested in G’Day = good day Mate = friend Train = workout Park = a parking spot  … Continue reading Aussie Slang

It’s A Small World

Buckle your seatbelts boys and girls, because you are in for a treat.  So remember how I mentioned that I visited Manly to watch that indoor ski and snowboard competition at some bar?  Alright, so I was actually on a date.  We will call him “Guy #1”.  Guy #1 also took me to walk his dogs on the beach with him before we went to the bar, but that is besides the point.  So on Wednesday night at the bar, I met one of Guy #1’s friends that works for Red Bull.  We will call him “Red Bull Friend”.  On … Continue reading It’s A Small World

Manly Indeed

I’m here to speak the truth: Aussie beaches are as beautiful as we are told. A week in, and I’ve already seen the two most famous beaches in Sydney (no surprise here considering how much I love the beach). Okay, so now that I’ve checked out Bondi and Manly, it’s time for me to start searching for the beaches where all the locals go… Also, it never crossed my mind that the Aussies ski and snowboard, too.  I guess it’s a thing out here!  So much so, that there was even an event hosted by Red Bull at this bar over … Continue reading Manly Indeed

So Much Is Happening

Always.  There is always so much going on in Sydney.  Everyday, at least five different people are offering up different activities that we could go out and do together and I’m stuck having to choose between them.  And I love it.  Honestly, if I could think of one phrase to sum up the last few days, it would be “so much is happening!” That, and “I can’t be alone!” Ask Dillon, he knows this all too well.  Anyways, here are some pics from the Aroma Festival that I went to today with Ari, Jack and Jordan (three other kids from SDSU … Continue reading So Much Is Happening

Honey, Are You Lost?

Thanks to Dillon (who by now you should realize I’m with 24/7 – this blog is basically his life too) we ended up spending our Saturday night at a house party of 70 gay Aussie men.  No complaints from me, I love being the only girl in situations.  And boy oh boy, you could spot me from a mile away!  Dillon even argued that the guys paid more attention to me than to him!  I guess that group has a new little mascot 😉  Although we had to pass on going out to all of the gay bars and clubs … Continue reading Honey, Are You Lost?

The Illusive Roommates

Okay, so they’re actually called my “flatmates” here I guess.  Irregardless, I have 5 of them.  And for the first 24 hours I was here, I didn’t see one of them.  Alas, I have finally began seeing them (although, not for more than a couple of minutes at a time).  One flatmate is an Australian girl that also happens to by my floor’s RN (resident networker), one is a guy from Jordan, one is a girl from Italy, one is an Australian guy, and the last one I have still yet to meet despite being here for four days now… … Continue reading The Illusive Roommates

Mama We Made It

Soooo I’m staying in Australia… But actually.  Thanks to my friend Cora back in the States, Dillon and I now have a new friend: Ruby.  She’s a Sydney local that happens to be both drop dead gorgeous and a total sweetheart.  And let me tell you: her and her boyfriend Jack showed Dillon and I quite the night out in Double Bay (an Eastern suburb of Sydney that just so happens to have some of the most expensive real estate in all of Australia).  For those of you that know me well, you already know that I much enjoy hanging … Continue reading Mama We Made It

I’m From America

I’m used to always being the country native, so it’s honestly thrilling for me to go to a different country and be the person to actually have the accent for once.  And boy is my accent strong.  The Aussies, as well as the international students, can guess that I’m an American from the moment that I open my mouth.  No complaints from me though, I like standing out 😉 Continue reading I’m From America

The Spirited Truth

Aussies go HARD.  For how expensive the alcohol is here, everyone seems to drink far more than they do back in the States.  And boy do they drink.  Every night, there are people getting drunk around 8PM and staying out partying until 4AM.  I’m serious when I say “every night” too.  Even business men start drinking right when they get off of work – I can’t keep up!  What’s more, since the drinking age is 18, you are allowed to openly drink in the campus housing – you just can’t do so in the common areas after 10PM.  This is where … Continue reading The Spirited Truth

Tourist Time

Let’s be honest here for a second: I obviously didn’t come all the way to Sydney just for school (in case you were wondering, everyone calls college either “university” or “uni” here) – I came here because I wanted to explore Australia itself… and meet some hot Aussie men 😉  Lucky for me, I got to see Sydney Harbor and the Sydney Opera House today (and a few other places, too)! Continue reading Tourist Time

Culture Shock

Okay, the first day in Sydney I was actually surprised at how similar it was to America.  The architecture is similar, everyone looks like they do in America, the cars are all the same name brands, and everyone speaks English.  The city of Sydney itself quite reminds me of the Bay Area back in California.  The only big differences I found compared to back home in the States were that people here have Australian accents, they drive on the left side of the road, and that everything is measured using the Metric system – all of which were things that were obviously … Continue reading Culture Shock

Settling In

Alright, so I had just spent almost an entire day traveling.  My first flight departed at 6:30PM on July 17, 2016 PST and my second flight didn’t land until 6:30AM on July 19, 2016 AEST.  Not only that, but I had just left summer in Seattle, Washington and arrived halfway across the world during winter time in Sydney, Australia – so I was a little dazed and confused to say the least.  Luckily, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) had a shuttle to take exchange students from the airport to the campus university, which eased my soul quite a lot. … Continue reading Settling In

Down Under I Go

Whenever I would tell people I was leaving to study abroad and live in Sydney, Australia for six months, they would always ask me if I was nervous.  My answer?  Nope!  I’m not sure if it was because I had already moved 2,000 miles from Seattle to San Diego by myself two years prior or because I was so confident that I would feel at home in Sydney, but a feeling of nervousness was something I totally lacked.  After all, everyone I had ever met that had gone to or lived in Australia for a period of time had always … Continue reading Down Under I Go