Don’t get me wrong, I am having the time of my LIFE out here in Australia, but I’ve finally had some nostalgia from home start to kick in.  Mostly because I miss my friends and family.  It hasn’t really sunk in until now because I’ve been so busy having fun and spending time with Dillon and Luke, but after sitting in a chair for three hours messaging friends while I got my hair done, the nostalgia began to sink in.  Not going to lie, it was mostly because I missed my hair stylist back home who always does my hair EXACTLY how I like it.  Irregardless, I miss seeing my best friends everyday.  The hardest part about moving new places is that inevitably, no matter where I go – Sydney, San Diego, or Seattle – I’m always missing someone.  If I had it my way, I would transport all of the people I cared about to Sydney so that we could all have fun out here together 🙂  So here is a special shoutout to Kevin, Chris, Drake, Ryan, Kyla, Yasi, Bre, Mia, Marisa, Erin, Chase, Jacob, Cole, Chloe, Olivia, Kaitlyn, Dale, Maddy, Shandra, Genine, Mariah, Brittney, Dad, and Kim.  I miss and love you all and can’t wait to give you hugs ❤

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