Dillon’s Intervention

So Dillon has a problem.  A HUGE problem.  BOYS.  And lots of them.  More than I can count on my fingers to be exact.  Dillon has gone on more dates in this past month than some people I know have in their lives.  After this weekend, it was decided that sweet, little Dillon needed an intervention.  Why?  Well, let me tell you.  Though there have been many instances where Dillon has come into situations that didn’t end too well, this Sunday was the icing on the cake of bad occurrences.  It all began so innocently on Sunday morning when Dillon met a guy – we will call him “N” – for brunch.  From there, N decided to tag along with Dillon, Luke, and I to the Taronga Zoo.  After listening to N’s repeated condescending remarks, I decided that N was not right for my baby Dillon.  Much to my surprise, N informed me that he was taking Dillon to get Chinese food for dinner.  Puzzled as I was, Dillon was able to reassure me that he was only going for the free food.  That’s my Dillon!  Okay fast forward a few hours: Dillon is now at a gay bar with N.  Why?  Beats me.  Anyways, turns out that Dillon and N have company.  Who?  Another one of N’s dates.  YUP.  N was on a date with both Dillon and mystery man.  And I guess when Dillon returned from the bathroom, N and mystery man were sucking face.  Dillon was appalled, as he should be, and decided to leave.  Not so fast before N stole Dillon into a private room to apologize and reassure Dillon that he was better than all the other guys and the game of tonsil hokey meant nothing.  Dillon, being Dillon, responded by saying “I know I’m better than all these guys” (because he is) which resulted in Dillon getting a hard slap in the face from N. YUP.  THIS MAN LAID HIS DIRTY HAND UPON MY PRECIOUS DILLON.  Mama Meg was not happy, to say the least.  Why Dillon only let me unmatch N on Tinder but not block his number is beyond me.  Moral of this story: I’m going to start regulating who Dillon goes on dates with.  A catch like Dillon deserves the best, and he needs to learn to be more selective!  Can’t live my life knowing that Dillon is on a date with a guy that is not up to my standards.

*** Side note: I did Dillon’s makeup last night and he looked GORGEOUS.  Like prettier than most girls.

*** Here are some pics from the ferry ride to the zoo 🙂

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