And on the Fourth Week, I Died…

Okay I didn’t die, but I did go to the hospital…  Plus the doctor’s office five times.  Yep.  Good thing I got overseas health coverage before I got here!  I haven’t even been in Australia a month yet and I’ve already managed to go to the ER and get surgery.  Why?  Well, that’s a little too personal for the internet.  Although I must say, for having to go to the hospital in a different country all by myself, I did handle the situation pretty well.  I didn’t freak out or lose my cool once!  Anyways, moral of the story though: Australia has GREAT health care.  I’m serious.  Everyone at the hospital was SO incredibly nice to me – it was amazing!  Every single nurse/doctor was timely, friendly, knowledgeable, and treated me with respect and care.  And unlike the ER in San Diego, there weren’t a bunch of homeless bums abusing the system like they do back in the States.  Plus, all of my costs were covered by the insurance!  America could learn a thing or two from the Australian health care system if you’re asking me…

***Side note: I’m not allowed to squat, workout, or do any strenuous activities for two weeks… FML.

***Shoutout to Luke for picking me up from the hospital post-surgery.  Don’t know what I would have done without him… But actually.

***This is what happens when Dillon leaves me for Dubai…


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