I’m Addicted

To the gluten free bread here.  With Nutella on top.  I’m serious though – I can’t stop eating it!  That, and I can’t stop drinking soy dirty chai lattes.  I swear to God that there’s a cute little cafe on EVERY corner in Sydney… And I can never resist stopping in for a little pick-me-up.  Especially because the coffee here is SOOO good.  Like a million times better than Starbucks and any other coffee place you would find back in the States.  But the coffee sizes are WAY smaller here in Australia.  Fun fact though: Australians use a few different … Continue reading I’m Addicted


Don’t get me wrong, I am having the time of my LIFE out here in Australia, but I’ve finally had some nostalgia from home start to kick in.  Mostly because I miss my friends and family.  It hasn’t really sunk in until now because I’ve been so busy having fun and spending time with Dillon and Luke, but after sitting in a chair for three hours messaging friends while I got my hair done, the nostalgia began to sink in.  Not going to lie, it was mostly because I missed my hair stylist back home who always does my hair … Continue reading Nostalgia 

Dillon’s Intervention

So Dillon has a problem.  A HUGE problem.  BOYS.  And lots of them.  More than I can count on my fingers to be exact.  Dillon has gone on more dates in this past month than some people I know have in their lives.  After this weekend, it was decided that sweet, little Dillon needed an intervention.  Why?  Well, let me tell you.  Though there have been many instances where Dillon has come into situations that didn’t end too well, this Sunday was the icing on the cake of bad occurrences.  It all began so innocently on Sunday morning when Dillon met a … Continue reading Dillon’s Intervention

And on the Fourth Week, I Died…

Okay I didn’t die, but I did go to the hospital…  Plus the doctor’s office five times.  Yep.  Good thing I got overseas health coverage before I got here!  I haven’t even been in Australia a month yet and I’ve already managed to go to the ER and get surgery.  Why?  Well, that’s a little too personal for the internet.  Although I must say, for having to go to the hospital in a different country all by myself, I did handle the situation pretty well.  I didn’t freak out or lose my cool once!  Anyways, moral of the story though: Australia … Continue reading And on the Fourth Week, I Died…

Sunset Searching

My whole life, I’ve been able to watch the sun set over the ocean (I grew up on the West Coast).  But now that I’m in Sydney, I no longer get to see this lovely phenomenon (East Coast problems *rolls eyes*).  Fortunately enough for me though,  I can still watch the sunset in some pretty dope places here.  Saturday it was over Sydney Harbour, and Sunday it was in Palm Beach (the place where they film the show “Home and Away” – I guess that’s a big deal around here or something).  So here are a couple of pictures from the … Continue reading Sunset Searching

Wait… I Go To School?

I honestly keep forgetting that I came to Australia for school…  But don’t tell my parents that!  I mean there’s just so much going on in Sydney all the time… SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED!  It’s been less than a month since I moved here and it honestly feels as though it’s been a lifetime.  I mean, did my life even exist before I came down under? Anyways, university started last Monday.  And let me tell you: it’s way different here than in the States.  I think it’s due to the overarching fact that every Aussie actually cares about going to class and … Continue reading Wait… I Go To School?

Chasing Waterfalls Pt 2

Sydney Opera House?  Check.  Sydney Harbour Bridge?  Check.  Koalas?  Check.  Kangaroos?  Check.  Blue Mountains?  Check again.  I’ve been crossing things off left and right from the tourist’s guide of things to see/do in Australia.  So this Sunday, I had the pleasure of hiking around the Valley of the Waters in the Blue Mountains.  This never-ending valley of gorgeous waterfalls has water so clean that you can drink it (and we did).  And let me tell you: pictures do not do this place justice…  I guess you all will just have to come out to Australia so you can see them with … Continue reading Chasing Waterfalls Pt 2

I’m Employed!

Yep, you read that right.  3 weeks in and I already have a job.  “Where?” you may ask.  Well everyone, it’s at a hospitality agency that specializes in event staffing.  And I start next week!  I walked into the interview and got hired on the spot – I guess all of those years of waitressing came in real handy!  Plus, the agency wants me to be one of the girls that works in the corporate box suites at events 😉  Yes please, come to mama. *** Special shoutout to my dad who is probably as happy as a clam as … Continue reading I’m Employed!

Seperation Anxiety

Dillon and I went through extreme withdrawals from each other this weekend 😥 We have spent nearly every waking second together since arriving to Aus, but this weekend we barely saw each other at all…  It obviously took a toll on both of us.  Although we both managed to still have lots of fun! 🙂 So this blog post will have to tell two separate stories: Megan: Remember Guy #1 and Guy #2?  Spoiler alert: Guy #2’s name is actually Luke.  Another spoiler: I continued hanging out with him for the rest of the weekend.  Alright, so everyone already knows that on … Continue reading Seperation Anxiety

Aussie Slang

I can’t help but smile every time an Aussie opens their mouth because I am just completely obsessed with the way they speak.  I think that they could straight up just cuss me out and I would still like it 🙂  Anyways, I didn’t realize how much slang they had!  It’s like learning a whole new language down here.  So I’m here to teach you a few words and phrases I have learned thus far: Uni = university Feed = food/meal Keen = eager for/interested in G’Day = good day Mate = friend Train = workout Park = a parking spot  … Continue reading Aussie Slang