Aussie Slang

I can’t help but smile every time an Aussie opens their mouth because I am just completely obsessed with the way they speak.  I think that they could straight up just cuss me out and I would still like it 🙂  Anyways, I didn’t realize how much slang they had!  It’s like learning a whole new language down here.  So I’m here to teach you a few words and phrases I have learned thus far:

Uni = university

Feed = food/meal

Keen = eager for/interested in

G’Day = good day

Mate = friend

Train = workout

Park = a parking spot 

Dodgy = sketchy

Cheeky = audacious 

Toilet = bathroom

Theater = operating room

Goon = wine bag

Barbie = barbeque

Kiwi = New Zealander

Good girl = (Americans only say this to their dogs, but Aussies use it for people too)

How you going? = How are you doing?

Skull = chug

Rubbish = garbage 

Bubbla = drinking fountain 

Holiday = vacation

Frothy = beer

Mozzies = mosquitos

Bogan = redneck/white trash

Keen for a feed = I’m hungry

Sunnies = sunglasses

Footy = rugby

Bloke = man 

Brekky = breakfast

All good = it’s okay 

Muck around = mess around

Arvo = afternoon

Jumper = sweatshirt

Playsuit = romper

Lollies = candies

Macca’s = McDonald’s

I reckon = I guess

Straya = Australia

Cheers = thank you/hello/no problem or basically anything

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