Seperation Anxiety

Dillon and I went through extreme withdrawals from each other this weekend 😥 We have spent nearly every waking second together since arriving to Aus, but this weekend we barely saw each other at all…  It obviously took a toll on both of us.  Although we both managed to still have lots of fun! 🙂 So this blog post will have to tell two separate stories:

Megan: Remember Guy #1 and Guy #2?  Spoiler alert: Guy #2’s name is actually Luke.  Another spoiler: I continued hanging out with him for the rest of the weekend.  Alright, so everyone already knows that on Friday night I went to Luke’s friend’s menu tasting, so I shall begin my story on Saturday.  So on Saturday afternoon, I was just laying in bed (completely dead to the world, I may add) when I got a phone call from Luke inviting me with him to this event called “Your Shot”.   It was some DJ event that Red Bull Friend was hosting with Red Bull yet again – I guess Red Bull Friend just knows where all the fun is at!  And he hooks it up too…  We all got free VIP passes and unlimited drinks.  Not a bad deal if you’re asking me.  Oh, and we all got to go backstage during one of his friend’s DJ performances – the DJ was Party Thieves and he found all of my American humor hilarious 😛 Hold on, the story gets even better: in the midst of the night, I also discovered that Luke likes to get down and dirty to some trap music – that makes two of us 😉  We definitely had a little too much fun if you know what I mean.  Anyways, when Sunday came around Luke took me on a little adventure to Royal National Park, but more about that in a previous post!

Dillon: Listen up people because I’m only saying this once.  You have all been hearing about this stranger by the name of Dillon and here I am.  Friday night will be the beginning of my weekend (even though these past two weeks have been an extended weekend as it is).  I won’t use actual names for the purposes of privacy, however there will be initials to represent each. On this night, I had a date planned with M.  M is an Australian born and raised school teacher who recently visited America for “Holiday”.  Going into this date, I was a little uncertain considering his message that said “I thought we could go have a drink, and IF WE GET ALONG, have dinner after”.  I’m sorry but NO ONE in my history of dating has ever said such a thing to me.  Either way, I went and it was actually quite enjoyable.  He, along with every other Aussie, asks about American politics.  Thus, we discussed the presidential race before heading to dinner, went to a club with his friends, and then went back to his home only to have his hot dog thrown between my drum sticks.  You may be wondering what in the world that means… Without being inappropriate, there was no intercourse – unless you consider a thigh rubdown as such. Moving on.  The morning came – not soon enough – when I received a text message from J telling me to come over.  He infact had too many drinks the night before and got a hotel room close to where I was headed.  As a stepped out of M’s car, I navigated myself towards the train station and before I knew it, I was looking like a prostitute standing downstairs in the lobby of a very nice hotel.  J came down the elevator and showed me the way to room 2201.  I will skip the details, but to say the least the shower was amazing… The sausage not so much.  Let’s just say the religion of the Aussie’s is not Jewish and the lower level reminded me of a rank cheese.  Later that day, I was invited by B to birthday drinks down in Manly Beach where I met a lovely group but seemed to be competing with a GIRL over B, who I was going home with.  Spent the night with B and the rest is history.  Sunday rolled around and M2 (another boy starting with M) asked me to attend a noon-8pm gay clubbing event… so I went.  After a $50 cover charge and 3 security checkpoints, I was in.  Soon after, M2 was kicked out, leaving me and his friend R (a girl) to dance and drink the afternoon away.  Skipping boring details… M2 met me and R around 5 pm where we proceeded to have a vocal argument in the street after he asked me to partake in a three-way with his ex.  OVER MY DEAD BODY.

Moral of this story: Megan will never leave me alone again.


^^^ it’s real

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