The Unthinkable

Soooo the unthinkable just happened: Dillon and I took a little break from each other…  Well, actually  I took a break from him.  Shocker.  Yes, I know.  Let’s just say our trip to the Gold Coast led to him turning into my overly sassy housewife…  Don’t worry though, after only five days of us being apart (although it seemed like forever) Dillon and I reunited over a good ol’ glass of wine.  The universe is back in order 🙂 ***Side note: In just one week, Luke is moving into a new place over in North Bondi!  Aka I will be spending … Continue reading The Unthinkable

Spraaang Break!

So, I guess that’s just an American saying…?  Australians just refer to “spring break” as “StuVac” – aka student vacation.  I guess “spring break” to Aussies means “American college kids partying way too hard and getting super wasted in like Miami or Cancun or something”.  Either way, it’s StuVac week in Sydney, so Dillon and I decided to adventure up to Queensland and visit the Gold Coast for the week. “So, what have we done here so far?” one may ask. Well, my fellow readers… nothing.  We have spent the last five days laying on the couch, watching movies, eating, … Continue reading Spraaang Break!

Mile High

In the sky.  And the Australian domestic airlines is how we fly 😛  Being as though Dillon and I are American and not native to Australian domestic travel, we chose to bring our passports and licenses for identification.  Plot twist: no one checked either.  Yep.  We just printed our boarding passes, dropped off our bags and walked straight through security with shoes and jackets on – without flashing security either form of ID.  TSA back in the States would have a field day if they heard about this!  I guess that’s why no one was stressed out at the airport… … Continue reading Mile High

Slapped in the Face

By reality.  The reality that Dillon has completed half of his time here in Australia (he’s only here for 4 months).  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITHOUT HIM!?  Like who else am I supposed to hang out with all day every day?  Watch Netflix with?  Explore Sydney with?  Eat with?  Who?!  Yep.  Just had a baby panic attack. (Luke is at work all day btw, so that’s out of the question).  It’s crazy to think that we are already halfway through our semester, too…  Spring break is already just next week!  (Dillon and I are going to the Gold … Continue reading Slapped in the Face


After being surrounded by non-Americans for more than a month now, Dillon and I have learned about many of the stereotypes that other countries have regarding Americans…  And we also learned that we conform to almost all of them!  Here are just a few examples: Americans are fat Americans all have guns Americans have a lot of credit cards Americans party hard (especially at college) Americans are ignorant and dumb Americans are materialistic Americans are loud and obnoxious Americans are wasteful Americans don’t travel and lack worldliness (and are awful at geography) Americans are super patriotic (‘MERICA!) Tough crowd, am I … Continue reading Stereotypical