Spraaang Break!

So, I guess that’s just an American saying…?  Australians just refer to “spring break” as “StuVac” – aka student vacation.  I guess “spring break” to Aussies means “American college kids partying way too hard and getting super wasted in like Miami or Cancun or something”.  Either way, it’s StuVac week in Sydney, so Dillon and I decided to adventure up to Queensland and visit the Gold Coast for the week. “So, what have we done here so far?” one may ask. Well, my fellow readers… nothing.  We have spent the last five days laying on the couch, watching movies, eating, sleeping and if we feel adventurous, laying on the beach.  Yep.  Spring break, turn up!  Hey, Dillon and I have been going non-stop since we got to Australia two months ago, so we deemed it reasonable to take a little time to relax and have some TLC.  Plus, going from the chaos of the city to the calm abyss of Queensland, it’s not that hard to achieve!  Just check out our awesome AirBnb we are staying at in Burleigh Waters:

Okay, we went to Dreamworld (Australia’s biggest amusement park) one day, too:

P.S. Here’s a couple of pics back in Palm Beach, NSW from last weekend that I forgot to post (I didn’t know there was an actual hike to the lighthouse, hence the flip flops):


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