Mile High

In the sky.  And the Australian domestic airlines is how we fly 😛  Being as though Dillon and I are American and not native to Australian domestic travel, we chose to bring our passports and licenses for identification.  Plot twist: no one checked either.  Yep.  We just printed our boarding passes, dropped off our bags and walked straight through security with shoes and jackets on – without flashing security either form of ID.  TSA back in the States would have a field day if they heard about this!  I guess that’s why no one was stressed out at the airport… Except me, because I didn’t know how to put my bag tag on by myself and then Dillon ripped it off when he tried to fix it… But hey, we made it! 🙂

P.S. Neither Dillon or I joined the Mile High Club this time, but I guess our new upstairs neighbors in the Gold Coast sure did!…

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