Slapped in the Face

By reality.  The reality that Dillon has completed half of his time here in Australia (he’s only here for 4 months).  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITHOUT HIM!?  Like who else am I supposed to hang out with all day every day?  Watch Netflix with?  Explore Sydney with?  Eat with?  Who?!  Yep.  Just had a baby panic attack. (Luke is at work all day btw, so that’s out of the question).  It’s crazy to think that we are already halfway through our semester, too…  Spring break is already just next week!  (Dillon and I are going to the Gold Coast by the way, more about that in a future post though 😉 ).  Like it felt like it was only just yesterday that we were boarding our flights to come to Sydney.  Jk, it feels like a lifetime ago, let’s be honest.  I mean Dillon and I feel like we are practically locals at this point.  But even as a locals, we’ve been taking our time to observe and take note on the Australian ways.  Here are a few things we’ve learned and feel obligated to inform you:

  1. Every employee is nicer here.  Maybe it has to do with the minimum wages being significantly higher here than back in the States, so that way people actually aren’t miserable about having to go to work…  Take for instance: Dillon and I went to the NSW Service Center today so I could get my photo taken for my RSA and the whole process only took 30 minutes.  Mind you, it was the BEST service I’ve ever received at a service center before.  It was organized, quick, clean, the employees were helpful and everyone was super nice!  I can’t even count the number of times the guy helping me called me “love” – it was amazing!
  2. Civilians on the streets of Autralia will help you if you drop something.  Trust me on this one: I’ve dropped my glove on the street dozens of times.  And every time, at least three people will frantically yell, “Miss!  You dropped your glove!”  As opposed to in America where if you drop something on the ground, people will either just shrug and think “well that sucks” as they pass by or someone will steal it before you even realize that something is missing.
  3. Restaurant service is better in the States.  I actually didn’t notice this until an Aussie pointed it out to me, but he’s right.  I think it’s because Americans demand such high customer service when they go out to restaurants (entitlement, am I right?)

You know how I said Dillon and I feel like we are practically locals now?  It’s because we have done/seen so much since we have been here!  Here is just a condensed list of all of the touristy things that we (or at least I) have done/see during this short time:

  1. Saw the Sydney Harbour Bridge during the day, at night, and from various different locations across the city
  2. Walked across the Sydey Harbour Bridge
  3. Visited the Sydney Opera House
  4. Saw koalas and kangaroos
  5. Hiked through Royal National Park
  6. Hiked through the Blue Mountains
  7. Visited Bondi Beach, Manly Beach, Palm Beach, La Perouse, Bronte Beach, Tamarama Beach, Maroubra Beach and Coogee Beach
  8. Got drinks at the Coogee Pavillion
  9. Walked though the Royal Botanic Gardens
  10. Explored all of Chinatown (Haymarket, Market City, Paddy’s Market, etc.)
  11. Did the Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk
  12. Rode a ferry
  13. Used the Sydney trains for public transportation (Dillon and I are actually quite good at this now)
  14. Visited Darling Harbour
  15. Went to the Art Gallery of New South Wales
  16. Walked through St. Mary’s Cathedral
  17. Went to the Museum of Contemporary Art
  18. Experienced the Aroma Festival
  19. Visited Watson’s Bay
  20. Went to the Chinese Garden of Friendship
  21. Went to The Rocks
  22. Explored Circular Quay
  23. Saw the Queen Victoria Building
  24. Went to the Taronga Zoo
  25. Visited Kings Cross, Martin Place, and Darlinghurst 
  26. Went to Hyde Park
  27. Saw the Parliament House
  28. Went out drinking in Double Bay
  29. Walked through Luna Park
  30. Went to Featherdale Wildlife Park

And the list continues to grow…

But here are some pics from this weekend 🙂

*** Dillon Update: Dillon is going to dinner with some girl named Rachel (an ex friend of some guy he previously went on a date with) on Monday and I am NOT pleased.  I’m Dillon’s best friend here (and only friend here, let’s be honest) and intend to keep it that way…  Good thing Luke can dig some nice holes! 😉

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