After being surrounded by non-Americans for more than a month now, Dillon and I have learned about many of the stereotypes that other countries have regarding Americans…  And we also learned that we conform to almost all of them!  Here are just a few examples:

  1. Americans are fat
  2. Americans all have guns
  3. Americans have a lot of credit cards
  4. Americans party hard (especially at college)
  5. Americans are ignorant and dumb
  6. Americans are materialistic
  7. Americans are loud and obnoxious
  8. Americans are wasteful
  9. Americans don’t travel and lack worldliness (and are awful at geography)
  10. Americans are super patriotic (‘MERICA!)

Tough crowd, am I right?

Jk, Dillon and I don’t conform to any of these stereotypes.  Okay, maybe the stereotype about Americans being loud and obnoxious holds true to us, not going to lie…

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