I’m Addicted

To the gluten free bread here.  With Nutella on top.  I’m serious though – I can’t stop eating it!  That, and I can’t stop drinking soy dirty chai lattes.  I swear to God that there’s a cute little cafe on EVERY corner in Sydney… And I can never resist stopping in for a little pick-me-up.  Especially because the coffee here is SOOO good.  Like a million times better than Starbucks and any other coffee place you would find back in the States.  But the coffee sizes are WAY smaller here in Australia.  Fun fact though: Australians use a few different coffee terms than Americans.  For example:

  • Short black = a shot of espresso
  • Long black = a shot of espresso with hot water (an Americano)
  • Flat white = a shot of espresso with steamed milk (different than a latte though because there isn’t any milk froth)

Weird, right?
Anyways, I finally did the famous Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk this weekend (about time)!  And it was BEAUTIFUL!  Although it was a little crowded unfortunately…  Can’t blame people for wanting to do it too though!

Just look at it! ^^^

Also, Rose Bay is pretty dope too:

*** Dillon update: Dillon came into even more boy trouble this weekend – it never ends!  On the bright side, we are going to the Gold Coast together for spring break now 🙂

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