Wait… I Go To School?

I honestly keep forgetting that I came to Australia for school…  But don’t tell my parents that!  I mean there’s just so much going on in Sydney all the time… SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED!  It’s been less than a month since I moved here and it honestly feels as though it’s been a lifetime.  I mean, did my life even exist before I came down under?

Anyways, university started last Monday.  And let me tell you: it’s way different here than in the States.  I think it’s due to the overarching fact that every Aussie actually cares about going to class and learning, versus in America everyone just skips their classes and crams really hard for the exams just so that they can pass.  It’s a weird change of pace for sure, but I like it!

Fun fact: everyone (aka all the Aussies, Europeans, and Asians) knows all about American politics, history, businesses, celebrities, life, etc.  but Americans don’t really know anything about any other country than America…  Think on that a little.

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