The Spirited Truth

Aussies go HARD.  For how expensive the alcohol is here, everyone seems to drink far more than they do back in the States.  And boy do they drink.  Every night, there are people getting drunk around 8PM and staying out partying until 4AM.  I’m serious when I say “every night” too.  Even business men start drinking right when they get off of work – I can’t keep up!  What’s more, since the drinking age is 18, you are allowed to openly drink in the campus housing – you just can’t do so in the common areas after 10PM.  This is where I learned that the cheapest alcohol to buy is “goon” (a wine bag).  Coming from America where the universities shun drinking on campuses altogether, it’s refreshing to be somewhere where everything is so out in the open.  After all, the Aussies do like to party.

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