Culture Shock

Okay, the first day in Sydney I was actually surprised at how similar it was to America.  The architecture is similar, everyone looks like they do in America, the cars are all the same name brands, and everyone speaks English.  The city of Sydney itself quite reminds me of the Bay Area back in California.  The only big differences I found compared to back home in the States were that people here have Australian accents, they drive on the left side of the road, and that everything is measured using the Metric system – all of which were things that were obviously to be expected.  Also, I found out that they have the same cereals in Australia as they do in the States but the names are different.  Interesting, right?6AD7B12B-29FA-4DE8-9B90-86F8751E196F.jpgThe only thing that truly shocked me about coming here was the vast number of Asian citizens living in Sydney.  Like I swear it’s 50% white people and 50% Asians.  Makes for some good Asian food though, let me tell you!  On another note, I was also a little taken aback about how expensive everything is here in Australia (people aren’t joking about it!)  Like alcohol alone is about triple the price as it is back in the U.S.!  I guess home girl is getting a job sooner rather than later :’)  Another thing: Australian people are all SO nice and friendly.  Every person I asked a question to was more than happy to assist me.  That, and just walking down the street, you look around and everyone is genuinely happy just milling about their everyday lives.  It’s great.

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