Manly Indeed

I’m here to speak the truth: Aussie beaches are as beautiful as we are told. A week in, and I’ve already seen the two most famous beaches in Sydney (no surprise here considering how much I love the beach). Okay, so now that I’ve checked out Bondi and Manly, it’s time for me to start searching for the beaches where all the locals go…
Also, it never crossed my mind that the Aussies ski and snowboard, too.  I guess it’s a thing out here!  So much so, that there was even an event hosted by Red Bull at this bar over in Manly that held an indoor ski and snowboard competition… I attended of course.

***Dillon update: So Dillon got catfished while I was enjoying my time over in Manly.  Surprisingly and luckily, everything still ended up working out for him! And I didn’t see him until the following morning… If you haven’t caught on by now, the only times that Dillon and I are ever apart are when one or both of us are out on dates 😉


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