The Halfway Mark

Well hello there!  Did ya miss me?  I know I’ve been a little MIA this past month, but seeing as though I’ve now reached my halfway point of being in Australia (3 months down, 3 to go), I thought it seemed suiting to make a new blog post.  I’ve been trying to come up with some culture shock to share with all of you, but alas – no such luck!  I’m culturally immersed!  (SDSU would be so proud…)  Nothing down under comes to a surprise to me anymore – not that that’s a bad thing, it’s nice to feel like Sydney is home.  I reckon I’m even able to use Aussie slang naturally when I talk now (did you catch that? 😉 ).  Anyways, seeing as though it’s been awhile, I decided to give you all a couple of life updates:

  • Dillon and I continue to hang out nearly everyday as well as go on little exploits around the city (no surprise here)
  • Yes, I am still seeing Luke (Guy #2).  We are actually road tripping to his family home in Noosa (it’s in Queensland) for Christmas/New Year’s!  He wasn’t kidding about sticking around 😛
  • I quit my job as a corporate suite attendant for footy games at the ANZ Stadium.  Why?  Well, I was alone in a suite with 20 patrons – there were no coworkers for me to have fun with!  It was lonely…  Plus, the commute and the lack of consistency didn’t really fare well with me either
  • On the bright side: I’m in the works of getting a new job as a bartender near Bondi Beach.  Let’s be honest, I’m much too broke to not have a job right now.  Sydney is expensive!  And since Dillon is leaving me in 3 weeks (WHY GOD WHY?!) I need something to keep me busy.  I will keep you all posted!
  • My tan is back!  Thank you Sydney spring!
  • I’m already in my last week of classes at UTS!  Thank God…  It’s hard to adjust to a different university’s teaching style!  Sadly enough though, my last final (they call them “exams” not “finals” in Australia) isn’t until November 9th… So close but so far!
  • Luke moved – aka my second home – to a new place out near Bondi.  He also acquired a roommate (he lived alone before)!  Have no fear though, she’s a vegan that’s into yoga and is super chill 🙂
  • As part of Luke’s birthday present (he’s 29 now!) I took him to see this band he likes called 5 Seconds of Summer.  So, now I can check “seeing a concert in a different country” off of my bucket list (I got him a chest harness for his GoPro too!  I pretty much killed it on the gift game, if I do say so myself 😉 )
  • With summer quickly approaching, I’m loving Sydney even more and more (as if that’s even possible) 😉
  • Here’s a couple pics from when Dillon and I went to Luna Park the other day (the clown entrance freaked me out…):
  • I’ve also gotten back into the habit of reading on the balcony (and tanning) with Dillon:img_0265
  • And a new bubble tea place opened up next door that sells bubble tea in a bottle shaped like a buff man 😉img_0281


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