It’s A Small World

Buckle your seatbelts boys and girls, because you are in for a treat.  So remember how I mentioned that I visited Manly to watch that indoor ski and snowboard competition at some bar?  Alright, so I was actually on a date.  We will call him “Guy #1”.  Guy #1 also took me to walk his dogs on the beach with him before we went to the bar, but that is besides the point.  So on Wednesday night at the bar, I met one of Guy #1’s friends that works for Red Bull.  We will call him “Red Bull Friend”.  On Thursday night I go on a date with a different guy.  We will call him “Guy #2”.  First, he takes me to get the best gelato ever at this place called Gelato Messina over in Bondi, and then he takes me to look at the Sydney Harbour at night – which by the way is BEAUTIFUL.  We could see the Opera House, the bridge and the city skyline.  Definitely need to go back and take some pictures.  Anyways, Friday rolls around and Guy #2 invites me to a menu tasting at some restaurant over in Bondi that his friend just bought.  Of course, I accept.  (The food was amazing by the way!)  So, I walk into this restaurant with Guy #2 and low and behold Red Bull Friend is sitting RIGHT THERE.  Guess he’s friends with Guy #1 and Guy #2… Yep.  You read that right.  SMALL WORLD.  And he remembered me from the bar when I was with Guy #1…  Only something like this would happen to me, and you all know this.  Been in a new country for not even two weeks yet, in a city full of millions of people, and I somehow manage to go on dates with the two guys that have the same friend.  Let it sink in.

Lucky for me, Red Bull Friend didn’t call me out.  But who knows, maybe he will soon.  Irregardless, the night ended up working out with Guy #2 and we are going to Royal National Park tomorrow 🙂  I will keep you all posted though…

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