Role Reversal

After spending 6 months in the land of Aus surrounded by a sea of Aussies, the tables have finally turned: Luke (my Aussie lover) came to the States!  The romance tale of Aussie Luke and American Megan (although worlds apart for 4 months) continues – lucky for all you readers 😉  And boy oh boy, what a three week adventure it was for him in the States.  Aside from blowing all his money in Vegas and being constantly perplexed by the outlandish way we tip as Americans, he did get quite the lil taste of the SoCal lifestyle 😉  Although, he wasn’t nearly as impressed by it as I was by the Australian lifestyle…

We visited the famous San Diego Zoo:


IMG_4362 We ventured through Joshua Tree National Park (I highly recommend everyone goes here at least once – you will get a taste of your soul):


We played tourists in Hollywood and Santa Monica:


We played at the San Diego County Fair:


We hiked Torrey Pines:


We ventured around La Jolla, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, and Mission Beach:


And we explored Balboa Park:


And above all, we shared many new memories and adventures side by side ❤

But just like all good things in life, nothing lasts forever:  Luke and I thought it best for us to go our separate ways after he returned to Australia – after all, I won’t be able to move back to Sydney until after I graduate in May (I’m not graduating a semester early anymore), and going that long without each other isn’t fair to either of us.  Plus, people change.  But nevertheless, that will never change all of the amazing memories we made together or the love that we once shared ❤  Unfortunately though, the love tale does have to come to a close…  But then again, you never know!  The universe plays funny games on us all.

P.S. To all the loyal readers out there: I finally got Luke to admit to cheating on me when we were dating (and I was practically living with him) back in Australia (aka he lied to me about it for 8 months).  Not all love stories are as perfect as they seem…

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