Mama We Made It

Soooo I’m staying in Australia… But actually.  Thanks to my friend Cora back in the States, Dillon and I now have a new friend: Ruby.  She’s a Sydney local that happens to be both drop dead gorgeous and a total sweetheart.  And let me tell you: her and her boyfriend Jack showed Dillon and I quite the night out in Double Bay (an Eastern suburb of Sydney that just so happens to have some of the most expensive real estate in all of Australia).  For those of you that know me well, you already know that I much enjoy hanging out in the older crowd, so Double Bay was quite my cup of tea.  Hot older men in business suits?  Yes, please.  Plus, Ruby and Jack knew all of the bouncers at the three bars and the club we went to – which I must say, was rather nice.  Day 3 and I guess I’m already one step closer to finding my future rich hubby down here and staying for good 😉

Plot Twist: Dillon, with a New York style attire, is quite the catch for both males and females. The funny thing is, everyone here thinks he is straight!

***Side note: I also discovered that I can out-drink both Dillon and Ruby despite my being so tiny… I guess I can keep up!

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