Random Things You Should Know

Although America and Australia are pretty similar for the most part, there are definitely still some differences between the two countries.  So, here’s a little list of random things that they do in Australia that they don’t do in America (aka stuff that has thrown me off since I’ve gotten here and that other Americans should take note of if they so decide to come down under):

  • Tables in restaurants are really close together.  Say goodbye to personal space!
  • They have grocery stores inside of the malls… Weird, right?
  • Everyone is required to vote in the elections.  If you don’t, you’ll get fined!
  • A lot of girls have fake boobs, lip injections, and Botox done – very 2000s LA
  • You write the day of the month, then the month, and then the year when you are writing the date e.g. 25 November 2016.  Versus in America, where you would write November 25, 2016
  • People won’t steal things out of your car if you leave it unlocked – it’s how the world should be
  • The calendar also starts on a Monday, not a Sunday
  • Aussies pronounce “Nike” and “Adidas” differently 
  • No tipping – but hospitality has such high wages, so it really doesn’t matter
  • A lot of gyms don’t have the stair master machine… Not keen
  • Aussies drive on the left side of the road
  • There are way more smoking areas (and way more people that smoke)
  • A lot of people don’t use dryers to dry their clothes, they just let them air-dry
  • No one puts ice in their water… everywhere you go is just cold tap/filtered water 
  • Service is a lot more relaxed- but then again, Aussies are pretty relaxed people
  • The coffees are smaller, but stronger
  • There are a lot of exotic birds out here
  • It’s way harder to find public restrooms in Australia – a lot of restaurants actually require you to use a restroom located outside of the restaurant
  • A lot less people are religious in Australia compared to America – it’s nice 😛
  • All of the food is higher quality
  • Aussies are more environmentally conscious e.g. they don’t waste as much water and they don’t litter

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